M.V. Sirdar

Charter rates 2018/19

Charter Meal charge per person
Breakfast From $4800 $100 Buffet
$140 Three course menu
Lunch From $4800 $100 Buffet
$140 Three course menu
Cocktails From $4800 $70
Dinner From $4800 $120 Buffet
$160 Cocktail hour, three course formal dinner
Full day
Available for 12 hours $7000 $200 all meals, non-alcoholic beverages
Available hours chartered $1200 Minimum 4 hours
Overnight and extended cruising
Overnight and extended cruising by special arrangement
Friends & family of IPMG
Sirdar welcomes you to enjoy these IPMG friends rates

Full day, overnight charters and extended cruising include all meals non-alcoholic beverages.
Catering staff costs not included.

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