M.V. Sirdar

Frequently asked questions

How long is Sirdar?

Sirdar is 23 metres or 75 feet in length.

Where was Sirdar built?

She was designed by renowned naval architect G De Vries and built at the famous De Vries Lensch Amsterdam ship yard in 1965. Sirdar steamed under her own power from Holland to New Zealand.

What's inside Sirdar's engine room?

She is powered by twin Gardner diesel engines and the vessel is stabilized and all internal spaces are air-conditioned for the comfort and enjoyment of its passengers.

How many people can Sirdar carry?

No more than 28 for a cocktail party, or 16 for a buffet meal, or 8 for a full sit down meal.

Can you charter Sirdar for overnight (or longer) stays?

Yes, by all means - Sirdar is ideal for a week or weekend getaway.

What staff come with Sirdar?

We can cater to your needs so please specify should you have special requirements.

I get sea sick, will I feel much movement?

Inside harbours or bays, you will feel minimal movement. If out beyond the coast, you will feel some movement.

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